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Diving, Conservation & Education

We create ocean awareness, educate responsible divers, and safeguard Bali’s marine treasures. It’s just perfect for diving in Amed.

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Expand your diving skills in Scuba diving for the first time, with us you go deep.


Are you a certified experienced diver and you want to know about corals?

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Start with our fun dives. The more you dive, the cheaper it gets!!

Learn and Dive with Experts

Take your skills to new depths

With Calypso Diving offers exceptional diving courses in Amed, you’re guided by our professional and experienced instructors, who are passionate about sharing their expertise and love for the ocean.

Raquel Cano Pardo
Raquel Cano Pardo
The treatment of Valentina and her calypso diving team has been wonderful. Diving with them has been one of the best experiences of my life. I recommend it 100%. Also, the coral project that Valentina leads is amazing. Thanks to people like her, who love the ocean, there is hope.
Jessica Tsang
Jessica Tsang
wonderful diving school :) people are friendly there and really appreciate their beautiful coral conversation project! :) recommended if you are going to amed for diving
Maï-line Martin
Maï-line Martin
Thanks for this wonderful experience!!
Prw Jumaya
Prw Jumaya
Très bon moment avec l’équipe, je recommande à fond !! Merci pour cette expérience 😊
Gaber Manan
Gaber Manan
Calypso Diving Bali delivered an unforgettable diving adventure. The knowledgeable and friendly staff, stunning dive sites, top-notch equipment, and exceptional customer service made this experience truly outstanding. Highly recommended for divers of all levels. Can't wait to return!
Frank van Bokhoven
Frank van Bokhoven
Nice people who help the reef be restored. Did a nice dive with them.
Kira Linn Fehler
Kira Linn Fehler
I had my first dive with Calypso Diving and it was an amazing experience for me! I did the discover scuba dive with two dives, first dive in the coral garden and second dive in the shipwreack. I felt very safe and they explained everything in detail. I can def recommend this diveschool! It was my Highlight in Bali and I want to go Diving again!
Christian Tuarez
Christian Tuarez
Had a lovely time diving in Amed with such a professional group of divers, can’t recommend it enough! Can’t wait to be back and dive with them again!
Baptême de plongée MAGIQUE avec une équipe formidable et très professionnelle ! Nous avons vu des coraux magnifiques, des centaines de poissons multicolores et même une tortue ! Tout est remarquablement bien organisé et très secure. Merci à Valentina pour son engagement et ses nombreuses actions pour les coraux et l'océan ❤️

About Calypso Diving Bali

more than just a dive center

We are a passionate community dedicated to exploring Bali’s vibrant corals, fostering conservation efforts, and creating unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Our team of experienced instructors by your side, we offer exceptional diving courses tailored to both beginners and seasoned divers.

Beyond Simply Teaching

your trusted partner

We empower divers with a profound understanding of the ocean’s intricacies.

Through engaging educational programs and expert guidance, we nurture a community that are not only skilled divers but also passionate advocates for marine conservation.

Our Partners

Bali's underwater world

explore coral gardens teeming with life

Bali offers a sanctuary for coral enthusiasts and passionate divers alike.

Build a deep connection with Bali’s corals, contribute to their preservation, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Amed's coral reefs

a kaleidoscope of colors while diving in Amed

Dive into a paradise where you’ll encounter delicate branching corals, vibrant soft corals, and intricate coral formations that serve as a haven for an array of marine species.

From colorful tropical fish to graceful sea turtles, diving in Amed unveils a new chapter in the captivating story of underwater biodiversity.

Amed Diving Sites

Discover the Best Spots with Calypso Diving Amed

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Calypso Diving is committed to restore our reefs in Amed

Diving is not only a hobby. It is passion and awareness of a fragile environment such as the oceans. You have the power to make a difference

Being part of Calypso Diving Bali, you will contribute to #savetheocean

Your diving package will make you become part of the restoration program in Lipah Bay, Amed. 

Contribute to the mesmerizing beauty of Amed’s coral gardens

Together, we create a legacy of conservation, for future generations.

Join us in the Adopt a Coral Program and let your heart dive into a journey of love and dedication for our ocean’s treasures.

Preserving Bali's Marine Ecosystems

deeply dedicated to conservation

At Calypso Diving Bali, we are deeply dedicated to the conservation of Bali’s precious marine ecosystems.

Our commitment extends beyond diving; it’s a passionate pursuit to protect and restore the fragile beauty that lies beneath the waves.

Dive with Purpose

your dive directly contributes to the long-term health and sustainability of Bali’s marine ecosystems

Through reef restoration projects and eco-friendly dive practices, we actively contribute to the preservation of Bali’s marine wonders.

Partnering with local organizations, we work tirelessly to restore damaged reefs, ensuring a thriving habitat for marine life to flourish.

Blue School Bali

Diving, Conservation & Education

In November 2020 during Covid time, Calypso team gave a path to an educational project for the local kids called Blue School Bali in Lipah area where the coral restoration project is.

Learn and Dive with Experts

Take your skills to new depths

With Calypso Diving offers exceptional diving courses in Amed, you’re guided by our professional and experienced instructors, who are passionate about sharing their expertise and love for the ocean.

Book Your Dive or Course Today

dive into a world of wonder

Take the plunge and turn your diving dreams into reality. It’s time to make your reservation and begin your underwater adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Included in the package prices are:

  • wetsuit (long or shorty, 3mm neoprene)
  • BCD
  • regulator
  • booties
  • fins
  • mask / snorkel (optional)

NOT INCLUDED: dive computer (rental for 70k per day)

It is possible diving in NITROX if you are already certified. We provide NITROX 32-36% for 70k extra per tank.
Need to be booked in advance.
In case you are not certified yet, please check on our courses list NITROX COURSE.

Our recommendation is to make maximum 4 dives per day.

We do two morning dives and on request we do one afternoon and one night dive.

Morning dives start at 8:00am and we are back lunch time 1:00pm

Early morning dives start at 5:30am

Afternoon dives are at 2:00pm and only Amed area.

Night dives start at 5:30-6:00pm.

For early morning and night dives we charge a small fee on packages where it’s not included.

Yes, pick up from your hotel/homestay in Amed area is INCLUDED in all our dive offers.

Yes, we do!!

A refresh course is optional but recommended if you haven’t been diving for less than one year .

The refresh course is MANDATORY for one year or more without diving.

It includes two dives with a professional diver.

Dives are performed in open water diving spots.

You will get back confidence and safety for your future dives!

If you have more questions, simply reach out to us anytime via the buttom below or give us a call.


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