Amed Unlimited

discover scuba dive with calypso diving bali amed dive center a diver in shallow water reef amed unlimited

Three dives, four, five or even more – it’s entirely up to you! Dive until your heart’s content and let your curiosity lead the way.

Weekenders Dive

discover scuba dive with calypso diving bali amed dive center a diver in shallow water reef weekend dive

Get ready for a weekend full of excitement. A two-day adventure with four total dives in some of the coolest spots around.

Best of North Bali

jemeluk bay dive sit pic best of north bali

This journey includes three dives across the most picturesque and exciting sites in Amed and at the iconic Liberty Wreck.

Best of Amed

tulamben diving amed

This one-of-a-kind adventure includes four spectacular dives, culminating in a mesmerizing night dive, starting from Lipah Bay

Wall Ride

wall ride jemeluk wall pyramids wall

We take you on two spectacular wall dives at Jemeluk Wall and the Pyramids Wall, promising an underwater journey like no other.


konichiwa japanese shipwreck

This exclusive dive experience invites you to explore the mysterious Japanese Wreck and the stunning Lipah Bay in Bali.

North Bali Deep

north bali deep calypso diving bali amed dive center parrot fish photo

This underwater adventure features four exciting dives, showcasing some of the most striking and diverse marine landscapes in North Bali.

Tulamben Experience

diving bali amed north bali reef coral dive ssi calypso diving coralreef marine ecisystem biodiversity

The Tulamben experience package is an exciting one-day adventure includes three dives at some of Bali’s most popular underwater sites.

USS Liberty Dive

uss liberty dive site bali tulamben shipwreck calypso diving bali amed north bali divecenter courses travel tours guide

Explore the historic USS Liberty Dive at the Shipwreck in Bali. Dive into crystal-clear waters to witness the World War II cargo ship.

Liberty Day & Night

uss liberty usat liberty shipwreck tulamben bali diving dive center calypso diving bali amed north bali tours travel

Across three unforgettable dives, you get to see the USS Liberty like never before – both in the daylight and under the mysterious cover of darkness.


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Liberty Day & Night

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