Pyramids Wall

  • Type: Drift Dive
  • Level: All Levels
  • Current: Mild/ Strong
  • Depth: 5 – 30 meters

This dive site is known for its frequent turtle sightings, making it a favorite among divers who are eager to encounter these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

The dive at Pyramids Wall involves being carried by the current, transforming the experience into a mild drift dive. This means divers are gently carried along by the current, allowing them to explore a larger area without exerting much effort. This type of dive offers a unique way to experience the underwater world, as it provides a constantly changing view of the marine landscape.

One of the standout features of the Pyramids Wall is the beautiful wall, adorned with a variety of corals and teeming with marine life. The wall dive offers a different perspective and adds an element of adventure to the dive.

In summary, the Pyramids Wall dive site offers a unique blend of drift diving, wall diving, and the opportunity to encounter turtles.

Dive Packages at Pyramids Wall

Amed Unlimited

unlimited dives
Three dives, four, five or even more – it’s entirely up to you! Dive until your heart’s content and let your curiosity lead the way.
IDR 7,5jt
≈ 440.00€

Wall Ride

2 dives
We take you on two spectacular wall dives at Jemeluk Wall and the Pyramids Wall, promising an underwater journey like no other.
IDR 1,49jt
≈ 86.90€

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Pyramids Wall

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