Ghost Bay

ghost bay amed, octopus photo by calypso diving bali

One minute from the Calypso Diving Bali shop, Ghost bay is another great macro dive site, paradise for photographers by day and by night.  A rock shaped area is habitat for crazy critters! From frogfish to leaf scorpion fish and even harlequin shrimps, this easy access dive spot is welcoming for your best macro critters […]

Japanese Shipwreck

japanese shipwreck dive site acropora coral tables

About six kilometers along the coast from Jemeluk there is a beautiful wreck just offshore that sits at 6 meters depth. The Japanese Shipwreck is now encrusted with gorgonias, sponges, and coral bushes.  Just a bit further down you can find pygmy seahorses laying in big amazing fun corals and blue spotted stingrays on the […]

USS Liberty

uss liberty shoipwreck amed dive site calypso diving bali

The wreck USS Liberty was a steam cargo ship built during the first world war, the ship was torpedoed in 1942  by the Japanese submarine I-166 leaving it at the coast of Tulamben, and in 1963 was pushed underwater by the eruption of mount Agung. The wreck is only 30 meters from the shore in […]

Drop Off

drop off wall dive site tulamben calypso diving bali

The Drop Off is a deep reef dive on the right side of Tulamben Bay. Good for deep dives and deep specialty courses. It is also good for Nitrox certified divers that want to stay longer in a range of 20 meters depth.  Great gorgonian corals and stunning pinnacles will surprise you for their colors […]

Seraya Secret

seraya secret muck diving site photo colourful nudibranch

Seraya Secret, located in the North East of Bali near the town of Tulamben, is one of the most renowned critter diving sites in Bali. This dive site is a paradise for underwater photographers, with its dark volcanic sand serving as the perfect backdrop for the vibrant and diverse marine life that inhabits the area. […]


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Seraya Secret

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