Lipah Bay

  • Type: Shore Dive
  • Level: All Levels
  • Current: Mild
  • Depth: 5 – 30 meters

In 2017 together with Ocean Gardener Yayasan, Calypso Diving Bali started the reef restoration project in Lipah Bay with three nurseries of hard corals. In the last years we were able to replant more than 500 corals in all the bay and still more to do. 

Home of the Calypso Diving Bali and Ocean Gardener Yayasan coral nurseries, is a dive site for all levels, the access is easy and allows diving in shallow waters.

Discover our underwater garden!!

Between 5 and 18m we could find massive corals, gorgonian corals, shark nurseries, and all kinds of tropical fish in Lipah Bay. In the depths from 25 to 40 we could find a sponge garden where eagle rays, adult reef sharks, leopard morays, clown triggerfish, turtles and much more!

Lipah Bay, the home of Calypso Diving Bali and Ocean Gardener Yayasan coral nurseries, is a captivating dive site that caters to all levels of divers. With easy access and shallow waters, it’s an ideal location for beginners to get their first taste of the underwater world, as well as for more experienced divers to explore the rich marine life.

As you descend into the waters of Lipah Bay, you’ll be greeted by our underwater garden. This is not just a dive site; it’s a living, breathing ecosystem that we’ve carefully nurtured and cultivated. The coral nurseries are a testament to our commitment to marine conservation and offer a unique opportunity for divers to witness first-hand the process of coral regeneration.

Between 5 and 18 meters, divers can explore a vibrant underwater landscape filled with massive corals and gorgonian corals. This area also serves as a nursery for sharks, providing a safe haven for these magnificent creatures during their early stages of life. Amidst this thriving ecosystem, divers can encounter a wide variety of tropical fish, adding a splash of color to the dive.

As you venture deeper into Lipah Bay, between 25 to 40 meters, you’ll discover a sponge garden. This deeper section of the bay is home to a diverse range of marine life. From graceful eagle rays and adult reef sharks to elusive leopard morays and clown triggerfish, each dive offers a new opportunity for discovery. You might even encounter turtles gracefully gliding through the water.

In conclusion, Lipah Bay is more than just a dive site; it’s a living testament to the beauty and resilience of our oceans. Whether you’re a novice diver looking to explore the underwater world or a seasoned pro seeking a new adventure, Lipah Bay offers an unforgettable underwater journey. Come and discover the magic of our underwater garden and the rich biodiversity of Lipah Bay.

Dive Packages at Lipah Bay

Amed Unlimited

unlimited dives
Three dives, four, five or even more – it’s entirely up to you! Dive until your heart’s content and let your curiosity lead the way.
IDR 7,5jt
≈ 440.00€

Weekenders Dive

4 dives
Get ready for a weekend full of excitement. A two-day adventure with four total dives in some of the coolest spots around.
IDR 2,19jt
≈ 127.00€

Best of North Bali

3 dives
This journey includes three dives across the most picturesque and exciting sites in Amed and at the iconic Liberty Wreck.
IDR 1,69jt
≈ 98.00€

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