Jemeluk Bay

  • Type: Shore Dive
  • Level: All Levels
  • Current: Mild
  • Depth: 5 – 30 meters

Accessible from shore, Jemeluk Bay presents the wall as a deeper dive site and the bay itself. Suitable for beginners the same as for experienced divers, Jemeluk is still quite rich in hard corals and soft corals close to the corner with Bunutan.

Artificial reefs have been settled in order to restore the reef damaged by natural past events. 

Snappers and hawksbill turtles are frequent habitants of the bay. 

Jemeluk Bay and Wall is a versatile dive site located in Bali, offering a unique underwater experience for divers of all levels. Accessible from the shore, this site features both the bay itself and a deeper wall dive, providing a variety of diving experiences within a single location.

The dive site is suitable for all levels of divers, from beginners to experienced divers, thanks to its mild currents and varying depths ranging from 5 to 30 meters. Beginners can enjoy the shallower parts of the bay, while more experienced divers can explore the deeper wall section.

Jemeluk Bay is rich in both hard and soft corals, particularly close to the corner with Bunutan. These vibrant coral formations provide a colorful backdrop for the dive and serve as a habitat for a variety of marine species. The site is a living testament to the rich biodiversity of Bali’s underwater world.

In an effort to restore the reef damaged by past natural events, artificial reefs have been settled in Jemeluk Bay. These man-made structures not only help to regenerate the coral populations but also create new habitats for marine life, contributing to the overall health of the ecosystem.

Divers at Jemeluk Bay can expect to encounter a variety of marine life, including snappers and hawksbill turtles, which are frequent inhabitants of the bay. These encounters add an element of excitement to the dive and provide excellent opportunities for underwater photography.

Dive Packages at Jemeluk Bay

Amed Unlimited

unlimited dives
Three dives, four, five or even more – it’s entirely up to you! Dive until your heart’s content and let your curiosity lead the way.
IDR 7,5jt
≈ 440.00€

Best of North Bali

3 dives
This journey includes three dives across the most picturesque and exciting sites in Amed and at the iconic Liberty Wreck.
IDR 1,69jt
≈ 98.00€

Best of Amed

4 dives
This one-of-a-kind adventure includes four spectacular dives, culminating in a mesmerizing night dive, starting from Lipah Bay
IDR 2,39jt
≈ 139.00€

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jemeluk bay beach

Exploring Jemeluk Bay

Dive beneath the surface of Jemeluk Bay’s azure waters, and you’ll find yourself in a mesmerizing world of colorful coral reefs and exotic marine species.

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Jemeluk Bay

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