Japanese Shipwreck

  • Type: Shore Dive
  • Level: Advanced 
  • Current: Medium / Strong
  • Depth: 5 – 30 meters

About six kilometers along the coast from Jemeluk there is a beautiful wreck just offshore that sits at 6 meters depth. The Japanese Shipwreck is now encrusted with gorgonias, sponges, and coral bushes. 

Just a bit further down you can find pygmy seahorses laying in big amazing fun corals and blue spotted stingrays on the sandy bottom around the wreck. 

Table corals of acropora are also one of the highlights at shallow depths. 

The Japanese Shipwreck dive site, located about six kilometers along the coast from Jemeluk, is a captivating underwater destination for advanced divers. This shore dive offers medium to strong currents and depths ranging from 5 to 30 meters, providing an exciting and challenging dive experience.

The highlight of the site is the beautiful wreck that lies just offshore at a depth of 6 meters. Over time, the wreck a living piece of underwater art. Gorgonias, sponges, and coral bushes now adorn the wreck, creating a vibrant and colorful landscape for divers to explore.

As you venture further down, you’ll discover a world of macro marine life. Pygmy seahorses can be found nestled in the large, fun corals, providing an exciting opportunity for macro photography. Blue spotted stingrays also frequent the sandy bottom around the wreck, adding an element of excitement to the dive.

One of the standout features of the Japanese Wreck dive site is the table corals of Acropora at shallow depths. These large, flat corals are a sight to behold, providing a unique backdrop for your dive and serving as a habitat for a variety of marine species.

In conclusion, the Japanese Wreck dive site offers a unique blend of history and marine biology, making it a must-visit for any diving enthusiast. Whether you’re exploring the encrusted wreck, spotting pygmy seahorses among the corals, or marveling at the Acropora table corals, each dive at the Japanese Wreck offers a new adventure. Experience the magic of this underwater world on your next diving trip to Bali.

Dive Packages at Japanese Shipwreck

Amed Unlimited

unlimited dives
Three dives, four, five or even more – it’s entirely up to you! Dive until your heart’s content and let your curiosity lead the way.
IDR 7,5jt
≈ 440.00€


2 dives
This exclusive dive experience invites you to explore the mysterious Japanese Wreck and the stunning Lipah Bay in Bali.
IDR 1,1jt
≈ 64.00€

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Japanese Shipwreck

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