Coral Garden

  • Type: Shore Dive
  • Level: All Levels
  • Current: Mild
  • Depth: 5 – 15 meters

The coral garden is a shallow reef dive right next to the USS Liberty Shipwreck.

Good for macro photography and relaxed diving. Just hang out around 5-10 meters and keep your eyes open for nudibranches, ribbon eels, different anemones with clownfish and beautiful shrimps. Giant sweetlips and barracuda are seen quite often hanging out in the shallows. Black tip reef shark has been seen frequently as well!

Deeper in the slope you can find artificial reefs for photography memories of your dives.

Dive Packages at Coral Garden

Tulamben Experience

3 dives
The Tulamben experience package is an exciting one-day adventure includes three dives at some of Bali’s most popular underwater sites.
IDR 1,65jt
≈ 96.00€

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Coral Garden

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