Coral Garden

diving bali amed north bali reef coral dive ssi calypso diving coralreef marine ecisystem biodiversity

The coral garden is a shallow reef dive right next to the USS Liberty Shipwreck. Good for macro photography and relaxed diving. Just hang out around 5-10 meters and keep your eyes open for nudibranches, ribbon eels, different anemones with clownfish and beautiful shrimps. Giant sweetlips and barracuda are seen quite often hanging out in […]

Calypso House Reef

calypso diving bali house reef dive site macro dive spot

Our Calypso House Reef is a great playground for macro lovers and beginner courses, our house reef is not only a dive site but also perfect for confined water conditions! Shallow depth between 5 and 15 m with a nice richful slope, it is perfect to practice your buoyancy, get your NITROX course dive, and […]


dive sites pyramids

In the 1980’s the locals sank different structures of concrete and tires between 5 and 25m to create a new reef and attract marine life. This dive site is one of the must dive sites when you are in the Amed area. Even if sometimes we could find a little bit of current is a dive […]

Pyramids Wall

wall ride jemeluk wall pyramids wall

This dive site is known for its frequent turtle sightings, making it a favorite among divers who are eager to encounter these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. The dive at Pyramids Wall involves being carried by the current, transforming the experience into a mild drift dive. This means divers are gently carried along by […]


The Bunutan dive site offers a diverse underwater landscape and a rich array of marine life, making it a must-visit for divers. The dive begins in the shallows, where you’ll find a field full of garden eels, creating a unique and mesmerizing sight. As you descend to around 18 meters, a beautiful reef unfolds before […]

Boga Shipwreck

boga shipwreck

The Boga Shipwreck is a relatively new addition to the dive sites in Kubu, located just a short 5-minute journey from the famous USS Liberty wreck. Sunk in September 2012, the Boga offers a unique and exciting exploration opportunity for divers. The Boga is an 85-meter long vessel that now rests between 18 and 30 […]

Monkey Reef

nudibranch at monkey reef kubu tulamben dive site photo by calypso diving bali

The Monkey reef dive site is beautiful and easy diving with a variety of soft corals. Situated just next to Boga Wreck, in Kubu village, about 10 min away from the USS Liberty. Divers are treated to an abundance of reef fish life, stunning coral reefs, and a captivating underwater landscape, making it a must-visit destination […]

Jemeluk Bay

jemeluk bay dive sit pic best of north bali

Accessible from shore, Jemeluk Bay presents the wall as a deeper dive site and the bay itself. Suitable for beginners the same as for experienced divers, Jemeluk is still quite rich in hard corals and soft corals close to the corner with Bunutan. Artificial reefs have been settled in order to restore the reef damaged […]


melasti muck diving site photo colourful nudibranch

Very close to the Calypso Diving Bali shop, Melasti Amed is a great macro dive site, paradise for photographers by day and by night. It takes the name from the place, considered Holy by Balinese Hindu religion. A rocky area is habitat for crazy critters! From frogfish to leaf scorpion fish and even harlequin shrimps, […]

Lipah Bay

lipah bay corals

In 2017 together with Ocean Gardener Yayasan, Calypso Diving Bali started the reef restoration project in Lipah Bay with three nurseries of hard corals. In the last years we were able to replant more than 500 corals in all the bay and still more to do.  Home of the Calypso Diving Bali and Ocean Gardener […]


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Lipah Bay

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