Diving in Amed, Bali

a world of awe-inspiring beauty

Explore Amed Dive Sites with their vibrant coral reefs, encounter exotic marine life.

See the underwater landscape that sets Amed apart as a premier diving destination.

Amed's Coral Gardens

Explore the rich biodiversity

Our experienced dive guides will accompany you as you navigate through the kaleidoscope of colors, marveling at the intricate formations of the coral reefs. Prepare to encounter an incredible array of marine life, from curious tropical fish to majestic sea turtles.

Amed's coral reefs

a kaleidoscope of colors

Dive into a paradise where you’ll encounter delicate branching corals, vibrant soft corals, and intricate coral formations that serve as a haven for an array of marine species.

From colorful tropical fish to graceful sea turtles, each dive in Amed unveils a new chapter in the captivating story of underwater biodiversity.

Diving Sites Around Amed

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Discover the best spots with Calypso Diving Bali

Amed Dive Sites

Calypso House Reef


Pyramids Wall


Jemeluk Bay


Lipah Bay

Ghost Bay

Japanese Shipwreck

Tulamben Dive Sites

Boga Shipwreck

Monkey Reef

USS Liberty

Drop Off

Seraya Secret

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